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Assisted Living Baltimore

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For those who are unaware of assisted living it is a type of housing demand specially designed for people and who need various levels of medicines and personal care. Living spaces can be either single rooms or shared apartment quarters.

Maryland, Baltimore is a home for more than 300 Best Assisted Living in Baltimore. It’s quite logical that in your search for the one So you will visit them all. Hence for the sake of convenience we have compiled a list of the best assisted living facilities in Baltimore.

While researching we found that most of the Assisted Living in Baltimore ranged somewhere between $1500 to $7800. The average cost for an assisted living came to be near around

Top 5 Assisted Living in Baltimore.

After researching among all the available living services we have selected the best among them after evaluating their amenities pricing or floor plans.

  1. Strathmore Assisted Living
  2. Caritas House Assisted Living
  3. The Park Assisted Living
  4. Weinberg Park Assisted Living
  5. Montebello Assisted Living

Strathmore Assisted Living

The place provides individual care depending on the patient needs including too therapy management and neutralizer treatment.


  • Visiting Physician
  • Rotating Ditesian-Created menu
  • Pet Friendly

Caritas House Assisted Living

The place prioritizes comfortable residence. The facilitator has arranged two fireplaces and a garden on the campus for the seniors who need assistance.


  • Personalized Facilities
  • Dining Room
  • 24/7 Nurse on call

The park Assisted Living

The facilitator provides a range of options starting from small tasks to total care with an on-site registered nurse and dietitians and many more. They follow a strict diet made by dietitians. The facility provider also insures the transportation of senior members.


  • Dietician curated meal
  • On-site work
  • Transportation Services

Weinberg park Assisted Living

The place is good for people who are religious. The living facility observes religious holidays and offers family festivals. The place specializes in Kosher Food along with maintaining the quality. They have 24/7 on-site nursing assistance


  • Kosher Food
  • On-Site nursing assistance
  • In apartment kitchen with refrigerator

Montebello Assisted Living

The place is equipped with laundry services, on-site labs, and a dietitian also rotating menu. Meditational Sessions and Memory Care are the plus point to this place.


  • Meditational sessions
  • 24/7 awake supervision
  • Assisted Living with memory care

Additional Resources

There is much community available out there in Baltimore which can make your living easy. Here are some of the useful resources of Assisted Living Near you:

  • AARP Advocacy: It provides advocacy services to seniors and families. or You can call them at 410-895-7613
  • Blind Industries and Services of Maryland: They provide information to people who are partially or totally blind. Call the organization at 410-737-2600
  • American Diabetes Association-Baltimore: It provides resources and helpful education towards diabetes. You can call them at 410-265-0075

FAQs About Best Senior Living Care Baltimore

What has Assisted Living Baltimore?

Assisted Living is a supportive accommodation option for seniors with a home-like atmosphere. The personal dignity and the independence of the person are maintained. They will also get help with all of their regular tasks according to their health condition. In Assisted Living offered by Pay for Caring, a person will get all the medical care from the authority as well.

What is the difference between Assisted Living and staying in a hospital?

Assisted Living will offer enough independence and a homely atmosphere to the senior citizens. On the other hand, the hospital is all about the treatment but independence is not maintained. In Pay for Caring Assisted Living, one can get furnished places to stay and skilled nurses to take care of them.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this facility is a bit high and it varies according to places and the need for the care. The cost changes according to the services. If you want to opt for Assisted Living Baltimore then it is around $4000 to $10000. The cost increases as per your requirement of services.

Are people happier in Assisted Living?

Yes. The senior citizens find it ahappy place for themselves. Because they get fellow people all around them in the community. Also, they can get full independence with a skilled person who takes care of them day and night. So, they can live their daily life with proper assistance and care.

Can visitors to the Assisted Living stay there?

In most cases, the visitors can stay in Pay for Caring Assisted Living. Because it is just like home. But they have to make sure that they do not violate any basic rule of that particular apartment.

What about the personal emergency in an Assisted Living Baltimore?

Assisted Living has a separate community to handle all personal emergencies. They have trained staff who give 24/7 services to all the people staying there. If someone wants emergency help, they will get it from those staff. They can simply call the emergency number to get the service.

Are there any cultural activities that happen in an Assisted Living?

Yes. The Assisted Living community in Pay for Caring always try to arrange for some cultural activities so that they can pass their time happily. It helps them to socialize more and have a healthy head all the time.

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