Some Good Assisted Living in Washington

Assisted Living is a good option for Senior who is not able to live independently and they requires a good and best assisted living for daily activities like walk, bathing, meal, cooking and more

Assisted living is very much needed for the people who are elderly and having some serious medical issues but staying alone. That is why these places provide good service to them so that they can live their life without any tension. Its is quite tough to find out the best-assisted living place. That is why you need to go through all the famous places. If you read about their features then you can shortlist some of them for your convenience. It will help you to understand their services. And you will get to know which one to choose for your friends or family.

Top 5 Assisted Living in Washington

We have done extensive research in this area. Then we have shortlisted 5 Best Assisted Living in Washington for your convenience.

· Oak Street Retreat

· Good Samaritan Assisted Living

· Avalon House on Gerard Court

· Newbegin Care Home

· Sunrise of Chevy Chase

Oak Street Retreat

Oak Street place is on Oak Street Washington. It’s quite famous among the people because of its location and the amenities. The major amenities offered by them are:

· Oak have recreational areas and some parks. So the residents of this place can keep their mind and body healthy all the time.

· Have certified people to take care of elderly people in a proper way.

· Comfortable accommodation which is also luxurious for the senior members.

· Homely atmosphere is available between the fellow residents. So they can feel comfortable with each other.

· Mentally stimulating activities take place here now and then.

· A vast outdoor garden area is there for some spiritual activities for the people living there.

Good Samaritan Assisted Living

Good Samaritan place is in Kerwin Road in Washington and specially made for the people who want to be happy physically, socially and emotionally. We have a lot of facilities to offer to all their residents and those are quite relevant. We have discussed the basic facilities below.

· We have an ambulatory care service and a diabetic care unit for the people who need medication in these matters.

· They have a certified doctor and nurse to provide proper help to the patients.

· Separate parking lot is available for the residents and transportation is available for them except for medical usage.

· Secured community is available to take care of the mental health of all the residents living here.

· Some devotional activities take place here to make the residents feel rejuvenated.

Avalon House on Gerard Court

This place is in Gerard Court in Washington. It has become a renowned name for the people who are searching for assisted living places in Washington. We have discussed their facilities here.

· They have different room types according to the budget and the need of the resident.

· Proper medication management is there as per the need of the people living here.

· Certified nurse and doctor is available onsite. They always take care of the residents in case of any type of medical emergency.

· It is pet friendly and cats can go inside the area with the residents.

Newbegin Care Home

This assisted living is in Sarnac Street in Washington. It has a proper Care unit for all the residents living there. They even assist in dressing for the people living in this place. Some other important amenities are:

· Memory Care unit is available here to take care of the mental health of the residents.

· Certified doctors are available all the time here. They take care of the medical conditions of residents.

· A vegetarian meal is there for the people who prefer the vegetarian food over non-vegetarian ones.

· There is a nice area inside the place where all the residents can talk with each other and feel at home.

Sunrise of Chevy Chase

This place is on Colston Drive in Washington. And it is quite famous among the people who search for assisted living for their friends or family. And for that, you have to go through the features of this place.

· Separate communities are available for different types of activities available here. These make the residents happy all the time.

· The different price structure is available for the rooms. And you can avail of the service as per your convenience and budget.

· Devotional services are available here to make the residents feel comfortable.

Some extra words

These are the Top 5 Assisted Living in Washington. We have discussed all the special features of these places. And you have to choose any of them at your convenience.

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